Fruit Draw: Sculpt & Peel Veggies Art

Kalrom Systems LTD

Art & Design

Fruit Draw is the most fruity application there is Its fun for adults and kids as one Choose a realistic looking high definition fruit or vegetable from a wide selection, and peel it using the brush or cutout peel tools to sculpt. Fruit Draw gives a real fruits and vegetables sculpting experience - Use different brush shapes and sizes, - invert the peel back and forth using a click of a button, - hide or show the fruits top which sometimes looks like the fruits hair actually.. - a huge selection of fruits and vegetables to sculpt. Easily educate your kids towards nutrition by clicking the i button and reading about the nutritional benefits of the current fruit. Want to know more about it? just click on the W button to go directly to Wikipedias definition. Draw all kinds of wacky faces and share it with your friends and family : you can easily save the peel picture to the gallery, or share it on Facebook in one click straight from the app Fruit draw will have a wider fruits and vegetables variety with free version updates. Get Fruit Draw now, sculpt & peel your fruit without making a mess in the kitchen.