Cats Empire

Von Stierlitz Technologies Ltd.


Do you have the skills to lead a clan of sneaky but fluffy kitties to paradise, where infinite fish is already waiting? Cats Empire is the unique mix of strategy and simulation games, where you aim at taking over Whiskertown in PvP mode Cat vs cat and clan vs. clan Will you create a mighty clan of furry cats that will take you to the peak of the leaderboard? Raid other clans to take their fish and souls, then head back to your tribe. Heal your kitties and enjoy some stolen fish. Upgrade your plushy predators to improve their individual skills, collect and craft items to boost your tribes power and soon you will be running the show in the concrete jungle SNEAKY STRATEGIES Individualize the skills of each plushy cat. Some cats you will want to train as stealthy fish-stealing machines. Others you will mod into fearless attackers who will bring home souls to grow your tribe. You can even cross-breed your kitties to create a clan of powerful super cats with the strategy and skills you need to succeed. Strategy is the name of the game when you are clawing your way to the summit of the leaderboard BOSS BATTLES You will need to be a cunning cat commander to keep your furballs fighting fit. Brace yourself for some challenging boss fights, unlock new areas to explore, and discover new clans to loot There is always a new clan on the block, so you will need to protect whats yours to claim your place as king at the top of CATS EMPIRE CASUAL Clever mix of Match-3 and Puzzle games: With the right tactics you will survive the battle within the urban jungle. But only the smartest fish thieves will survive Grab your mobile and look after your plushy cat tribe. PUZZLE Do you have the superior reflexes and skills needed to lead your fish thieves through the puzzle-ridden backyards of mysterious Whiskertown? TAMAGOTCHI Give your tribe members individual skills, crossbreed them and raise your own plushy predators But caution: If you don not care enough, you will lose them forever. CLAN You will only be strong if you have friends. Found your own plushy cat empire and form a dangerous army of feline cats. Loot your neighbours and become the boss of Whiskertowns backyards. SIMULATION Grow your cat tribe and be the wise leader of your sneaky but plushy cat clan. Do so by collecting fish, charms and skill points to improve your clans power. Lead your cat tribe and become top of the notch TOURNAMENTS Win valuable in-game prizes in worldwide tournaments and reach the top of the fish tower. Every competition lasts for 72 hours. The right appetite for fish and charms will lead you out of the whales belly to the top of the fish throne. You decide whether you want to go down this road alone or in a clan with your friends. SKILLS Collect skill points, upgrade your sneaky cats and crossbreed them to get even more lovely super cats Your cat tribe will soon include indisputable hero cats. COLLECT FISHnSOULS Items, fish and souls โ€“ Cats are busy gatherers and thieves and progress is made with the right plunder. Steal them from your neighbors or master mysterious backyards. Every successful attack grants you skill points or souls for your storage. PvP Play solo against whole Whiskertown and loot your neighbors or join alliances with your friends and celebrate a hostile takeover. Play on Facebook and collaborate with other plushy predators. PAW-SOME FEATURES: ๐Ÿพ Create and manage the ultimate cat tribe ๐Ÿพ Lead your clan into battles ๐Ÿพ Develop sneaky strategies and tactics ๐Ÿพ Cross-breed your cats to create super cats ๐Ÿพ Beat challenging bosses ๐Ÿพ Unlock different areasย  ๐Ÿพ Complete quests ๐Ÿพ Compete against clans worldwide ๐Ÿพ Conquer the global leaderboard Cats Empire is a free-to-play multiplatform game. Play with your friends on Facebook or on your mobile device. You will only survive the contest for fish and charms with the right strategy and by mastering the unique mix of puzzle and simulation.