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Free and convenient Black Box Anyone who has a car will worry about installing a black box. However, it is true that I feel a lot of pressure on the price. If you use a used smartphone as a black box, you can solve this problem. PODOL e-Cam BlackBox can be used to install apps on used phones that are not in use. From now on, you can use the free car black box application PODOL e-Cam BlackBox instead the expensive black box sold on the market. Key functions of PODOL e-Cam BlackBox 1) Main functions - Background mode shooting support - Saving a driving record including time, GPS position, driving route, and speed. - Shock detection auto recording function - Simple and convenient UI 2) Video recording function - Recording period setting, maximum capacity setting, main image SRT caption function - Easy video quality (capacity) setting (7GB, 5GB, 1.6GB, 400MB, 200MB per hour) - Automatic deletion of recorded files when it insufficient storage space. 3) Video management function - Important video lock function - Video management by category by event - Automatic storage of video storage space - Dedicated video player (driving information, map mode) 4) Advanced function - Automatic location saving by GPS sensor. - Automatic recording function when executing APP - Save video event log with easy touch during recording - Shock detection auto recording function during non-recording - Camera Auto-Focus - Storage setting (Select Internal or External memory) - Power saving When a big accident or witness is seen, there are many cases where black box app images are used as evidence. It is a black box app that allows you to take pictures, share them conveniently, and even report them. Do not Lose Through the PODOL e-Cam BlackBox ※ PODOL e-Cam BlackBox can be used for automatic accident reception, vehicle diagnosis through OBD interlock, remote vehicle control. We plan to upgrade the feature. ---- Developer: Allocation Inc. (06775) 19, Nonhyeon-ro 17-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Homepage. Http://www.allocation.com TEL. (+82) 070.8220.4050 FAX. (+82) 02.572.1240 E-Mail. pm@allocation.com

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