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Citowise make sure that our Ethereum and ERC20 tokens wallet provides the best on-the-market experience. Quickly convert between currencies and send payment in coin or token expected by payee. ✓ Support of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and POA blockchain networks ✓ No registration required ✓ Support 20000+ cryptocurrencies which are compatible with ERC20 standard ✓ Support of Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets ✓ Wallet is stored on your device ✓ Wallet can store multiple tokens/coins ✓ User-friendly interface ✓ Get tokens directly to your wallet ✓ Participate in ICO fast ✓ Participate in many ICOs with one wallet ✓ Calculate exactly how much you want to contribute ✓ Exchange your tokens later on with integrated exchange ✓ Convert and send money in seconds ✓ Get notified about incoming funds ✓ Switch between currencies instantly ✓ Have a full individual control of your accounts Citowise wallet keeps and sends your funds safer with your mobile phone from anywhere along with exchanging among crytocurrencies instantly.