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✉📞TextOne App - Add a 2nd disposable or temporary phone number, for UNLIMITED free text & call to US+CA, Send anonymous texts for tinder dating /secret chat in private. Get disposable number & enjoy free text now Dingtone hey magic jack, change number & text private ☞ 🙉 Privacy Protected Burner number - NO need to sign up, or link to G+/ Facebook/ Email. NO worries about personal info. leak or spy anymore Stay anonymous & secure Privacy Lock & Hide message details - Keep your texts & calls private on your phone. ☞ 💸Completely $0 no hidden fees, no need to change SIM cards ☞🔥 Did those apps signal, Google Voice, sideline, textplus, textnow, talkatone,pinger, magic jack, dingtone, Hushed, textfree burner or phoner fail you? TextOne phone number NEVER be expired Keep it as long as you want & burn it any time 【Highlight Features】 ★ 📱REAL phone number Pick a 2nd U.S. temporary phone number in any area code.(for dating, tinder hook up, business..) ★💬 Send FREE SMS, Picture, Gif, Voice Messages Anonymous texts or stranger dating chat to any phone number with your new private number. ★ 📞Make & receive calls - via WiFi or cellular data. Anonymous calls under fake number in private situation. ★ 🔥Burner Number Mode Get a burner number directly without signing up. All account data will be cleared when log out. Its your very personal & disposable number. Hide identity, be a stranger. No more spy. ★ 🙅Privacy Protected Features - Privacy Lock: Keep your messages & calls under lock for private situations. Hide your message Just like a secure applock for TextOne. - Hide message details: You can hide sender or message details in notification settings. ★☎ FREE voicemail - if no one answers your call. - Custom Greating ★ 📲Call Forwarding - to any Landline or mobile numbers. ★ 🌏International Calling to any mobile or landline numbers over 200+ countries supported 【TextOne USE CASES 】 💏 🚚Textone phone number is a REAL U.S. phone number, used for dating, whisper, tinder, zoosk, pof, imo, temporary situation, craigslist, business, or prank/ spoof calls. ✓ 🚅 Emergency: Get a 2nd phone number to stay connected when your phone is out of service. ✓ ✈When you Traveling Overseas. Your friends in the U.S. can reach you without paying outrageous roaming charges. ✓ 💑Online dating ( Whisper, Tinder, OkCupid,HowAboutWe, Zoosk, PoF, Grindr) ✓ 👜New Job searches, multiple business lines, or temporary projects ✓ 📦 Craigslist, Wish, Letgo, Backpage, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy (buying or selling) ✓ 👂 Private conversations, secret texts, or anonymous texting ✓ 📝For managing Airbnb, for salespeople, startups, web forms, deliveries and other cases. ✓ 👻A temporary number or burner number for spoof/ prank calls. With TextOne, No more sim cards, no more separate phones. 【Why use TextOne?】 🙅PRIVACY & ANONYMOUS - Having a private number app for texting or calling is vital for your privacy Like a social security number, you shouldnt give it out to everyone - Callers will only ever see your 2nd phone number, keeping your main number secret, anonymous and private. 🙉NO HASSLES - Create a 2nd phone number, keep them as long as you want. “Burn” the number with just a click so you no longer receive calls and texts. 💲NO PHONE BILLS - Calling & Texting via Wifi or 3G/4G/LITE network, you dont get expensive service charges. 👑 BETTER THAN THE “COMPETITION” Did Sideline, Textnow, Talkatone, Google Voice, phoner, Burner, Hushed, signal or those fake number apps fail you? Be Charged? Spammy? TextOne is the most reliable and fully featured phone number app. Not even TextPlus,Textfree, or Dingtone have our awesome advanced features. 🎓Text One - The best choice for private/ burner phone number + tinder dating texts users. 💡 Pick a private phone number to enjoy unlimited local and international texts and calls now Dingtone Start magic jack & anonymous text now Contact us at: textone@cmcm.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TextOneteam/