Cybozu KUNAI is an official application with friendly interface designed to efficiently connect you to Cybozu products. Scheduler, Mail, Messages and Workflow are available on Cybozu KUNAI for free. More features are planned to be added. For higher security, we offer KUNAI MDM Pack (Mobile Device Manager Pack), a fee-based option, which includes a network subscription and remote wipe features. For details on KUNAI MDM Pack, please explore our website. Cybozu KUNAI http://products.cybozu.co.jp/kunai/ Cybozu KUNAI official twitter http://twitter.com/cybozu_kunai ○Supported versions of Cybozu groupware Cybozu Office Cybozu Garoon Cybozu Office on cybozu.com Garoon on cybozu.com To use KUNAI and get technical support, the following conditions are required: - The version of Cybozu Office or Garoon you are using is supported - You have the valid license for Cybozu Office or Garoon you are using