Coloring Book - Childhood

Doodle Joy Studio



An unique digital coloring book presents kid the realistic coloring experience on real paper. Free kids endless imagination of colour. Unlike other digital coloring book which supports tap-auto-fill only, this app lets kids paint on coloring page with various kinds of brushes, just like paint on realistic paper. - 100+ pictures of various kinds. - various brushes, including dry brush, water-color, crayon, pen, rainbow, glow neon. - easy color picker - pinch to zoom in/out to paint in small space - ink dropper - movie mode to replay the coloring like a small film. - show or hide menu by tapping the right-bottom button - built-in gallery to store both coloring picture and coloring animation. - undo/redo ------- * All the pictures in this game are created by Doodle Joy Studio, and all their copyright belong to Doodle Joy Studio.