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★ Spoof My Text ★Spoof my Text has the ability to change your Caller ID while text messaging friends and family. It will Spoof the ID of any number you wish and be able to send text messages to any number using the ID you have Spoofed. Spoof My Text makes it easy to fake a message. Be able to trick friends and enemies at any time with this super awesome app! If you like this awesome app and 2 FREE texts aren't enough, simply buy more! The prices are cheap and it's completely worth all the fun you will have! How it Works: [1] Select a phone number you wish to spoof. [1.1] Phone Number must begin with "+" then Country Code, followed by Area Code, followed by Phone Number. [2] Select a phone number you wish to send the message too. [2.1] Phone Number must begin with "+" then Country Code, followed by Area Code, followed by Phone Number. [3] Write the message you wish to send. [4] Send the message.Features: • 2 FREE texts • Spoof ANY number • Like our Facebook Page! • Language Filter - No bad words allowed!In-App Prices: • Add 10 Texts - $2.50 AUD • Add 20 Texts - $4.00 AUD • Add 50 Texts - $7.50 AUD • Remove "Sent with Spoof My Text App" - $5.00 AUDThis App will NOT spoof to USA / Canadian numbers. However you can spoof USA / Canadian numbers to other country phone numbers.FAQQ: Why when I messaged to my own number I didn't receive the text message?A: Text messages cannot be sent to the same number using the same caller ID to spoof.Q: When I tried to make a In-App purchase the button didn't work?A: Sometime this problem occurs, the simple solution is to close the app entirely, sometimes smart phones will run it in the background with all the apps you have opened, make sure to close it completely, then when you re-open it will work.Q: Why do i have to pay for more messages?A: Each text costs money to send that we have to pay, we simple charge the cheapest price to keep this feature available for everyone to enjoy.Q: When i sent my message it says "Sent Message" but they never received it?A: If this occurs its HIGHLY likely you did not enter the phone number correctly, in which case either follow our simple step by step instructions or research on how to send text messages in your Country + Area.Q: When I unlocked the "Sent by Spoof My Text" in-App purchase why is there still a " * " symbol there?A: The Unlock is to remove the text, the " * " we have chosen to leave there for our own purposes.Q: When I wrote my message and it said sent, why did i lose 2 credits?A: Each text has a capacity of 160 characters, once you reach your text capacity it increases the text size to 2 text.Note: To use Spoof My Text, you will need to accept the Disclosure & Disclaimer, which will result in you being completely responsible for how you use the Spoof My Text App, if the user does not agree to these terms and conditions the App will not be available for you to use.

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