FlashCare - Health Access Simplified, is a platform leveraging technology to make healthcare service deliverance easy. It is an on-demand location based service provider that helps you request a licensed, qualified doctor to come see you and your family at home or to the location of your choice. This service explores the following possibilities in the healthcare sector to empower you with choices and informed consent to revolutionize healthcare service deliverance. Emergency services: This is a one-stop solution-providing feature for all your emergency needs. By clicking the emergency button in the FlashCare app, healthcare providers around the location are notified along with the emergency service providers about your emergency needs. The app then creates a single platform for everyone to contact each other and save time generally wasted in logistics. On-demand healthcare providers: This feature in the FlashCare app helps you choose from a wide range of healthcare providers, be it a doctor or a nurse or a physiotherapist. It helps you make a choice that suits your need based on reviews and ratings. All this at the comfort of your home or to the location of your choice. No more waiting in long queues in front of a clinic or a hospital being anxious about your medical bill. FlashCare provides you the transparency, accountability and credibility required in processing your health problems. Second opinion/e-consultation: This feature enables you to connect with a doctor of your choice via phone or chat. Solve your medical problems quick & easy with online consultation. Consult a doctor online for medical advice or for second opinion on FlashCare app. Chat with a doctor instantly in a private consultation or ask free health questions to doctors, anywhere in India. Get assured responses 24x7 to all your medical questions from verified doctors online. Get expert advice, health tips for all your health concerns. Getting a doctors advice has never been easier and more accessible. Doctor-Doctor interaction made easy: Patients are not the only ones that need help. Every now and then, even the care providers do. Flash care provides a platform for easy access and interaction between the care providers through chat and case discussion features. This empowers the care providers to seek help and expert advises when needed and help you serve better. This also provides a platform for staying updated with all the latest protocols in treatment and building the confidence of the care providers in the ever-changing healthcare scenarios. Order medicines online: Order medicines online on FlashCare app & get them home delivered. Shop for medicines and other health products online on FlashCare app. Unlike a regular medical store, FlashCare helps you get different quotes from the pharmacies around you and makes sure your medicines are always available whenever you need them. Health news: Staying healthy is not what you do when you are sick. It is what you do when you are normal. Now access all the information needed to keep you healthy from the best medical journals and prestigious health forums, all vetted by the verified doctors of our platform. You can also see the comments and reviews of the doctors on a particular article. You can save these articles for further read and future reference. Say no to misinformation and misguidance of the Internet. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.