Donut Maker-Sweet Kids Cooking Game of Cake Maker

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************Donut Maker is the BEST app EVER ********** ************Great for kids My girls always love baking thing*********** ************Making a Donut is some serious fun ************** Do you like donut? Do you want to be a DONUT BAKER? Have a try and see how good you are If kids had their way, they would eat these yummy desserts instead of regular food. But parents would rather their kids bite down on broccoli instead of donuts. Whats the solution? A donut maker game, of course This handy app lets kids create virtual dessert food thats both yummy and tempting. Theres no mess in the kitchen, and no cavities to deal with later. Open your own rainbow desserts bakery game in your mobile device and Enjoy this best donut maker game with a unique theme, make donut and learn the art of cooking donut cakes & donut cooking in this cooking game for kids . You will enjoy rainbow donut cake and galaxy donut cake which is a great chance to diy donuts to have super fun with this fun food making game with real life donut cake recipe with this cooking game for kids. Yummy rainbow donuts with amazing rainbow sprinkles and toppings. Delicious out of the box galaxy donuts with amazing galaxy & milkyway sprinkles that you have customized and diy donuts making art using tons of realistic cooking tools like donut mold, mixer, oven knife & so much more in this kids cooking game. Amazing magical controls to create unique & colorful donuts and donut cakes. Features: ★ Beautiful high quality HD graphics ★ Intuitive, easy to use interface ★ Infinite gameplay with unlimited combinations ★ Various selection of shapes, toppings, candies, nuts, toys and many other decorations ★ Screenshots can be saved in your photo gallery to show them to your friends ★ Choose from 7 Donut Hybrid Flavors ★ Mix Ingredients. Refrigerate 24 Hours. Roll Dough. Fold Dough for Croissant Layers ★ Cut Donut Shapes & Fry Donuts until Golden Brown ★ Make Ganache Filling Holes. Select Ganache Filling ★ Select from 10 Donut-Croissant Glazes ★ Decorate with Sprinkles, Nuts, Candy, Icing Swirls, Lollipops, Cake Pops, Stars & more ★ Fun Décor like Moustaches, Kooky Eyes and Chocolate Lips ★ Realistic Cooking Steps ★ Eat Donut ★ Thousands of Ways to Create your Donut Hybrid How To Play: • First, mix the donut dough ingredients. • After the dough is thoroughly mixed, roll it out using the rolling pin. • Then, use the donut cutter to cut out each individual donut. • Now, place each donut in the fryer until it is golden brown. Be careful not to forget about them or they will disappear in the grease • Once the donuts are done to perfection, you get to decorate them There are several categories to choose from so your donuts have just the right amount of icing and sprinkles