Kippy Vita


Health & Fitness


Download Kippy Vita, the app that connects to the best pet GPS and Activity monitor and allows you to receive information on the location and activities of the pet wearing Kippy Vita directly in you smartphone. With Kippy Vita you can set up your virtual fence, locate and reach your pet. Furthermore, Kippy Vita allows you to monitor all of your pets activities during the day from any computer, tablet, or Smartphone. Discover now all the apps features. POSITION GPS: Check the Kippy Vita position directly on the map. PROXIMITY: Find out what distance there is between Kippy Vita and your location, and discover the direction to follow to reach it. HISTORY: View the historical data of your pets movements. GEOFENCE: Set up your virtual fence and receive a notification if your pet goes beyond the perimeters of the selected area. ACTIVITY VITA: It tracks your pets status based upon his/her level of activity, as well as warnings and consultation notifications. MOTION: View a summary of all motor activities of your pet. ACTIVITY DETAILS: Analyze and review all data relating a single activity. GOAL: For each activity, you can set up a goal for your pet to reach. With Kippy Vita you always know your pet status and position.