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MeMoo has thousands of free sound effects for everyone. Browse our extensive sound library and pick and choose the sounds you want. Sounds are updated 3x a week or more, so be sure follow us.The sound effect application makes available to you more than a thousand sounds This app for android offers many and varied sounds of exceptional sound quality. Ideal for spending quality time with your friends, you can have fun trying to make them guess incredible sounds. If you like to tease, don't miss the opportunity to play them a trick and create a feeling of fear/discomfort thanks to a horror/fart sound. You can also trick someone on the phone into believing that you are in a farm just by triggering the sound of a cow. If you are creative, you will become addicted to it!All the sounds are listed by category; you will quickly find what you are looking for with this app!✔ AVAILABLE CATEGORIES : - Animals - Horror- Disgusting- Public- Weapons- Explosions- Shouting- Bird songs- Sports- Véhicles- Music✔ ADVANTAGES:- A large choice of original noises and sounds effects.- High quality sounds.- Easy to use: Just press a button to trigger a sound- A pretty neat and ergonomic design- Free and regularly updatedSome Of our sound effectsText Message Alert 1 Crazy Bizarre Guitar Funny Voices Fart Squeeze Knees Common Fart Dogs HowlingChinese Gong Dog Panting Fast German Shepard Gibbon Monkey Guinea Pig Handcuffs Clicking FogHorn Barge Hickory Dickory Dock Grenade Launcher 2 Outdoor CarnivalBaby Snoring Snow Rock Avalanche Puppy Barking Cartoon Computer Tractor Digging Sad Woman Crying Wolf Howling Yipping Old Record Player Baby Just Born Howler Monkeys

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