Pixel Art Free - Coloring Game

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With the accompaniment of a relaxing music you can draw and coloring pixel. Guide by the color number, each box if you want to follow the advice or color life in free style. Show your color art, to the world with this game art. You can create your own album, play the music that you like or relax. Level up, get goals and customize your picture art to your style. In this game you should color by number. You will have an area for free style art draw and to be able to draw and coloring. On the board you will have a pixe, pixe will have a number and when you touch it, pixe will transform into pixal. pixal will be our next board mate.. If when you color pixel, pixie you do not like the result, you can change it again by pixal. Once all the pixels are painted ...your work will be finished and everything will have a new color. It depends on the brush that you choose the result could be surprising. The colour will determine your pixelart. Save your work and unlock different number book. no.draw, the number book as you like in this game art. Enjoy a free art. ** FEATURES ** - Draw art, number coloring, color box... and let the imagination fly, its time to show the arts world and show your world art. - The art of color, is in the imagination of each one, thats why we leave you a palette with a wide range of pixels. Choose the correct pixel and share it with your friends. - You will have a music player to relax while you, no draw. Enjoy up to 9 different tracks, piano, ambient sounds ... in this way it will be as if you were coloring book in the middle of nature and it will help you to concentrate and clear your mind in the style of art games. - Customize the boards for, color by number as you like with pixle. Different backgrounds with different styles for a more professional finish and pixelart, look. - Within color by number game, you will find several difficulty modes. From easier to more difficult, with different types of drawing. princess, hero, and much more except unicorn :) Fun and customizable pixel games, with different functions and best of all pixle ... Everything is Free. Developed for pixle, fans. In view of the requests for you, here we bring you the most awaited, pixel art game. ATTENTION: All the content you can find in this, coloring game is totally free, so you can enjoy a pleasant experience in this coloring games. Whatever you want to share about the app do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to hear all the opinions to be able to improve this free drawing games.

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