unGlue: Parental Control & Screen Time Manager




- unGlue lets parents easily set limits to screen time on their kids devices - More than a parental control app, empower your kids to learn better screen time habits. - Featured in USA Today, TechCrunch, Forbes and the app store. The unGlue app lets parents control their kids screen time at home and away. (social media, video, games, websites, apps, everything) FEATURES -Block kids internet -Block kids apps -Turn the internet off for family or single device -Custom chores for your kids to earn more screen time -Custom internet schedules -Set limits on social and game apps (entertainment time) -Kids activity report for both web & apps -Add multiple devices per kid or shared devices UNGLUE HELP PARENTS TO -Teach your kids important time management skills -Create custom boundaries for screen time -Reinforce family rules for screen time and Internet use through the parental control app -Establish a Family Media Plan as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics -Reward your children for building healthier screen time habits -Set schedules for dinner, homework, and bedtime since children thrive on established routines OVERVIEW More than a parental control app, unGlue empowers your kids to rethink how they use their screen time and internet safety. unGlue allows them to manage their own screen time through the screen time app (unGlue Kids) with dashboards to circle and track their usage and alerting them when their screen time is running out. Your kids can even rollover unused screen time for another day or request more minutes in exchange for doing chores. Dont make it a chore to manage your kids online time or screen time. Stop the netsanity with this free parental app. The screen time control app from unGlue gives your children the freedom and flexibility to build better viewing habits, with the boundaries you set for them. TEACH GOOD SCREEN TIME HABITS With our Time Bank feature, kids can spend and earn their screen time minutes almost like cash. They can see exactly how much screen time theyve been allotted each day and how much they have used. CHORES FOR TIME Reward your children with more online time when they complete chores and other tasks that you assign from the parent app. (Wash the dishes for 15 more minutes) Ourpact with kids is clear; if they help around the house they should be rewarded. PERSONALIZED SCHEDULES Our parental control app gives each child in your home a custom screen time schedule for each of their devices. Set parental limits for school days and weekends. Block access for dinnertime, study time, and bedtime. LIMIT DISTRACTIONS Our Entertainment Time feature bundles popular apps for social media, video, and games into one simple setting allowing you to create daily limits. You can have screen time control over Netflix and internet TV. PAUSE INTERNET Turn off internet access for one child or your whole family with a single click from the parental control app. Whether its time for homework or dinner, we make it easy to circle off a screen-free zone. MONITOR ACTIVITY Keep an eye on the sites and apps your kids are visiting through the screen time control section. See where they spend most of their time. The parental control app helps to have informed conversations with your children about the content that theyre seeing. Kid safety is important BLOCK CONTENT Make the Internet age-appropriate and safe for your kids with a single click. Easily block adult content and other red-flag sites. The parent app blocks inappropriate sites automatically. CONCLUSION The unGlue parental control app is designed for parents by parents. It works everywhere your children go — at home, in the car, or when theyre out of your sight. It works with any device, so you can set screen time control limits on smartphones, TVs, tablets, and gaming consoles. For support, please contact support@unglue.com Question? Read our FAQs: http://www.unglue.com/faqs