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Notes is a platform where teachers and parents help students by exchanging quick notes regarding their progress, school events and well-being. Teachers use Notes to engage parents and students in daily activities. Share instant reminders, quick small notes and images with parents to keep them up-to date with their childrens progress and activities. Parents get notified about their childs daily activities via Uolos instant sharing platform. Nurture - An interactive module by Uolo Technology to track your childs daily routine (attendance, meals and live bus tracking) available with Notes. Uolo Technology brings Notes to you with following features (for FREE) - Instant note sharing - Checklist to keep track of daily activities - Image sharing - Events RSVP and live tracking - Groups - Broadcast lists - Social We are working on following features - Reminders - File attachments Start using Notes to never miss any precious moment of your childs school life and stay notified about important events happening at school. Made with ❤ at Uolo Technology Important Note: We have enabled Nurture for the schools which are part of the Uolo Network. Kindly contact for more information.